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About the Human Interfaces in Information Systems Laboratory at ISTI-CNR

Our main goal is to carry out research in methods and tools to support user interface designers and software developers to obtain usable systems that can be accessed from different context of use.

Making systems easier to use implies taking into account many factors in the design of an interactive application, such as tasks to support, context of use, user preferences, media and interaction techniques available, need for multiple dialogues between the user and the application active at the same time. It is thus important to have structured methods for allowing designers to manage such complexity. For this purpose various modeles have proved to be useful in human-computer interaction: task, user, domain, interaction models. We have often considered task models that describe how activities should be performed in order to reach the users' goals. Their adoption has been limited by the lack of tool support. We have developed tools supporting their development, analysis and use at both design and execution time. Relationships between HCI models and traditional software engineering approaches such as UML have been investigated as well. This activity has been funded by the GUITARE R&D European project. It was previously funded by research contracts provided by BAAN company. In ADVISES we continue the research work developed in the MEFISTO project (a European LTR project recently terminated) by focusing our attention in interactive safety-critical systems and the issues related to human errors in such contexts.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:


Fabio PaternÚ  he has been working at C.N.R. in Pisa since 1986, currently at ISTI, where he is senior researcher and head of the laboratory on Human Interfaces in Information Systems. He developed the ConcurTaskTrees notation for specifying task models and has also designed an associated environment (CTTE) to support the development and analysis of task models specified through  this notation, which has been used in various industries and universities. The tool has been implemented  mainly during the GUITARE R&D Esprit Project . He was the coordinator of the MEFISTO  Long Term Esprit European Project (September '97-December 2000) in which a number of methods for the design and evaluation of interactive safety-critical applications were developed and applied. 


Contact Detail

Fabio PaternÚ,

ISTI-CNR, Via G.Moruzzi 1, 56126 Pisa. Italy.

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